10 Indispensable Items in Your Baby's Bag

10 Indispensable Items in Your Baby’s Bag

A baby storage bag is a powerful item for diaper mothers that many people joke that it holds the world. However, it is not a “bottomless bag” and it is important that you only carry the items you need.

Having a baby means having to say goodbye to fashionable, elegant bags, instead of a baby bag or rather a diaper bag. The question is when you go out with your child, what do you need to bring in this bag?

The answer will depend on the age of your child, as well as how long you will be out, and where will you go? Regardless of the situation, here are the essential items that any mother needs to put in her diaper bags.

10 indispensable items in your baby’s shopping bag

Children should not only be well cared for and taken care of at home but even when taking them out, we need to be well prepared. The list of 10 recommended items below will help you.

Hand wash

Hand wash is the first thing to have in your baby’s bag. You will be in a difficult situation if you do not have soap to clean your hands after changing your baby’s diaper. Therefore, hand sanitizer is an extremely convenient item.

However, it should be noted that a report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also warned of the dangers that may come from dry hand sanitizer products. Some types of hand sanitizer often have attractive fruit flavors, so many children mistakenly believe it is a drink and accidentally swallow it. This is extremely dangerous.

Also, with a high-alcohol hand sanitizer, if used on your child’s sensitive skin, it will easily cause babies to have skin allergies, dry skin. Therefore, you should carefully choose the right product to use for children. Besides, you should not carry with you a hand sanitizer bottle with a large capacity because it will occupy the area of ​​the diaper bag.

Wet towel

Wet towels are extremely helpful in helping to clean your baby’s stool, urine when changing a baby’s diaper. As with hand sanitizer, you need to choose carefully and choose a specialized product for babies and young children, ingredients are natural materials, no chemicals. Do not confuse the towels we often use with the baby, because they are manufactured according to a specific method to suit the baby’s delicate skin.

Mattress pads to change diapers for babies

This item is also quite necessary for any mother with diapers. You can spread it on your face, put your baby there, and change your baby’s diaper. Mothers should note that when choosing to buy a baby carrier, some companies will offer a diaper-changing mattress, while others will not. If you didn’t get a gift, choose a plastic sheet for easy cleaning, as well as easy washing.

Plastic bag

Plastic bags are a great aid for mothers to store diapers and dirty clothes for their children. Besides, there are several types of reusable zippered plastic bags that are popular with many mothers and choose to store snacks for children. These types of bags are quite environmentally friendly because they only need to be cleaned to reuse immediately compared to plastic bags!


Of course, you should also bring some more clean clothes for your baby in case he or she is vomiting and soiled clothes. In addition to clothes for children, you should also bring a set for yourself again in case your child gets dirty. Note, do not bring thick, heavy clothes like jeans because they will cause space in your baby’s bag.

Baby toy

Always remember to put one or two of your child’s favorite toys in a diaper bag and you won’t regret it. These items will make the baby happy quickly when the baby is not happy or suddenly irritable. The trick is that the longer they have to travel, the more intimate toys this baby has ever needed.


Of course, medicine is indispensable in the baby’s shopping bag. No one can predict when a child will get sick. So carrying some basic medications with you is extremely helpful when needed. Be careful to pack them in jars or zip bags to prevent spills and spills during transportation.

What kind of clothes needed for bathing

When you decide to go somewhere far for a day or two, always bring small, moisturizing lotions. Carrying soap, in this case, will not be as convenient as a shower gel.

Milk bottles, water containers, formula milk

If your baby is bottle-fed, these are essential items that cannot be absent in a baby’s bag. With formula, you should bring a sufficient amount. You should buy specialized equipment to store formula. About bottles, you should bring a minimum of 2 bottles for easy use. One thing to remember is that mothers should clean and disinfect bottles at home.

Also, if you are not sure where you have available water to make your baby’s milk, you should buy a good thermos bottle to store water.


A large towel will be very useful as can make a shawl away from the sun for the baby, a towel to cover when feeding or use as a blanket … Besides, you should bring a few small towels to use when feeding your bottle. Or when you need to wipe your baby’s face and hands.

Tips to choose a good baby storage bag

To have a good diaper bag for your needs, you should refer to the following tips:

Make sure it’s a multi-compartment bag for easy storage

Should choose the type of effective waterproofing material to prevent in the rain or accidentally spilled water or milk into the bag

The choice of the bag should be based on demand, one large for long trips, and one suitable for everyday use.

When choosing a bag, you should put a few items in it and try on your shoulder to see if it is comfortable.

With 10 essential items that should be in the baby’s storage bag, the mother can completely take the baby out without having to worry about how to change diapers or breastfeed again. However, these are just suggestions, you can completely add or change any item to suit your needs!