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When Should I Stop Wearing Heels During Pregnancy?

During the time of pregnancy it is not advisable to wear heels and many doctors suggest it may cause some risks to you and your baby. There are several effects that can be caused by wearing heels at the time … Continue reading

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What not to drink during pregnancy?

Actually, every women need to be conscious on many things during their pregnancy time. So, it will be quite tough to keep track on what to consumer every day, even knowing what to drink or more essentially what not to … Continue reading

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Parenting Won’t Always Be This Hard, But Sometimes I Miss My Kid-Free Days

My partner and I like to remind ourselves that parenting won’t always be so hard. It will always be hard, but having young kids — twin one-year-old boys and a three-year-old daughter  — is really hard. Like, sleep-deprived, irritable, I-don’t-think-I-will-ever-get-to-sit-down-again, what-a-shit-show … Continue reading

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Ask Vicki: Duct Tape Parenting a Child with Special Needs

Question Hi Vicki – I’ve been reading Duct Tape Parenting and am wondering, have you worked with any families with children with special needs? My daughter has Down Syndrome. We have the same expectations of her at home as we … Continue reading

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My Rebirth, My Salvation: The First Time I Felt Like a Mom

Tina originally shared this story at our first VT Mommies Adult Story Time. As she read, the tears began to fall. Her tears, our tears. Her simple, beautiful story is one many of us know so well and we thought … Continue reading

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If I Had Time for a Mistress, Her Name Would Be Sleep

Tuesday morning, 7:53 am.  I just finished loading the car and strapped Eva into her car seat.  As I sigh, knowing I need to get out of the house about 15 minutes sooner to be on time, I hear Eva … Continue reading

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This Pregnancy is Coming to an End, a Closing Really

My partner’s due date is in two weeks.  Things are starting to happen though, and we both doubt she’ll make it another week.  But really, with the way this pregnancy has gone, it would just make sense that the twins’ … Continue reading

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I Was a Gay Kid

Long before I was a gay parent, I was a gay kid.  I was in kindergarten when I developed my first crush. She was our student teacher from one of the local colleges. I was totally smitten and when she … Continue reading

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Making Friends Isn’t Always Easy When You’re a Mom

My husband and I are in that unique phase of parenting; we have emerged from the haze of newborn parenting and are preparing to have our oldest enter kindergarten this fall. This leads to a whole new world that we … Continue reading

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Clean & Silky, But Not Quite Sweet: A Look at My August Birchbox

Have you heard about Birchbox yet? If you’re a social media geek (as I am), you’ve probably seen tweets, pins and posts about this beauty-sample-box craze. For $10 a month, you get a package of “beauty, grooming and lifestyle products.” Some of … Continue reading

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