Clean & Silky, But Not Quite Sweet: A Look at My August Birchbox

Clean & Silky, But Not Quite Sweet: A Look at My August Birchbox

Have you heard about Birchbox yet? If you’re a social media geek (as I am), you’ve probably seen tweets, pins and posts about this beauty-sample-box craze.

For $10 a month, you get a package of “beauty, grooming and lifestyle products.” Some of the samples go to everyone, others are selected based on the profile you can fill out when you sign up. I said that I’m a mom, I like natural/organic products, I’m concerned about aging skin, and that if I was going to splurge, it would be on haircare products (I’m trying to grow it out).

Some of the products they sell on the website are rather expensive, so I figured if I could try some decent samples, I wouldn’t have to dish out money for products that just don’t work for me. Try-before-you-buy is a definite perk in the world of beauty products! So I signed up and waited. And this weekend, I was rewarded with my first Birchbox:

The package was quite light, and I was a little worried that there wouldn’t be many good samples, but once I opened it all and spread it all out, I was quite pleased. Here’s what I got:

Schick Hyrdro Silk Razor – Is Birchbox spying on me? I had just put razors on my grocery list. A good razor can sell for $10 in the grocery store, so I feel like I scored on this one. Plus it came with a coupon for $4 off my next Schick razor purchase. Double-score.

Viva La Juicy – Le Fleur – I don’t wear perfume often (my husband has no sense of smell – seriously, it’s a real thing), but when I do it’s always Chanel No. 5. What can I say – it’s classic. Anyway, I wasn’t all that impressed with Le Fleur, personally. It isn’t terrible, but I think I expected something a little sweeter. Maybe I’ll wear it for a day and see how it is after sitting for a longer time.

Stainiac – Two-in-one lip and cheek balm. Kinda freaks me out. So let’s just assume I will only be using this as lip gloss, it’s actually not bad. Quite glossy, doesn’t taste terrible and there is a hint of red. My 3-year-old daughter had to try it on immediately and has worn it every day since it arrived, so that says something I guess. Not sure what.

CleanWell All Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes – I get it … I said I had kids and liked organic. Oh, Birchbox. You kiss-up. I haven’t tried these yet (although I was tempted to after my daughter’s first attempt at putting on her own lip gloss), but I threw them in my purse and I’m sure they’ll get used on the next long car trip.

DDF® Brightening Cleanser – Honestly, I think this was my favorite sample of the month. The product description on the website reads, “A cocktail of potent active ingredients works to fade the look of brown spots, scars, and redness while also leaving skin fresh and smooth.” I’ve used it a few times thus far and while you can definitely feel the astringent, it isn’t Sea Breeze. It definitely feels more gentle, and my skin does feel quite soft & smooth afterwards. As for getting rid of spots & discolorations, I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

Beauty Secrets Book – I’m not sure if this is a regular Birchbox feature, though it seems like it might be. Anyway, this handy guide actually contained quite a few helpful tips, including How to Read a Label, 5 Tips to a Better Shave, How to Paint Nails on Your Non-Dominant Hand, Eyeliner Tips and tips for picking the right beauty tools. Good stuff.

All in all, I was quite pleased with my Birchbox, and I can’t wait ’till next month!

You can read about what one of our other featured writers, Jana, got in her August Birchbox here. (I admit, I might be a little jealous of her haircare products. She’s got four kids – doesn’t she need organic wipes too?

Join in the fun – Click here to sign up for your own Birchbox! (Then we can all compare goodies!)