Fashion Friday – March 23, 2012

The start of spring is exciting, and if you’re like me, you’re starting to bust out all of the skirts and strappy shoes that have been in the back your closet all winter. But you know how it is this time of year in Vermont. It could be snowing, or, as we recently saw, it could be 70 degrees. That’s why I love this outfit so much. It’s warm, but it still feels a bit like spring.

Pink & Black by vtmommies featuring long sleeve shirts

I love a pop of color in an otherwise neutral outfit, and this purse/scarf coral color is beautiful. With peach lip gloss and pinkish sunglasses it just all fits beautifully.

The skirt is actually a summer sundress, but with a black fitted long-sleeve shirt on top, it works great as a skirt. It’s from the UK, but any black skirt with a bold flowery white print will work. The length is great for the office and also allows you to bend down to pick up kids, toys, etc. without anything hanging out in the back!

The messy bun is fabulous, and I think it gives the whole outfit the “What? This outfit? I just threw this on in a wonderful rush as I headed out the door this morning!” kind of look. (The kind of look we sometimes strive for, but then we overplan and overanalyze and end up looking like we were trying too hard. Or maybe that’s just me.)

Here’s the breakdown on the pieces:

Sunglasses – $25 from Oasis
Snood Scarf – $24 from Miss Selfridge
Bag – $385 from John Lewis – I know… it’s a bit pricey, but certainly you can find something in a similar color that doesn’t break the bank at a local store.
Dress – $120 from People Tree
Shirt – $10 from Tillys
Shoes – $25 from Payless