How Do I Teach My Baby to Feed Himself?

How Do I Teach My Baby to Feed Himself?

Many moms still wonder if it’s too early to teach them to feed themselves. At what age is your baby ready to hold a spoon to enjoy food? Please refer to the following article.

Letting your child take care of themselves and pick them up at every meal will form a habit that benefits the health and behavior development of children. Besides, the more you help your child to eat early, the less time and effort for mom’s comfort and the pressure from eating.

Practicing self-feeding is a steady, long-term process that requires patience and methodology. Here are a few tips to help mothers learn how to feed themselves easier.

When should mom begin to teach baby to feed himself?

Children should be taught to be self-conscious as soon as they know how to hold, hold, and put anything in their mouths. If they are taught to eat by themselves late, their learning process will take longer.

Many parents often think that children will know when they grow up. But the truth is that you will need quite a long learning process to master this important skill.

According to nutrition experts, children from 10-18 months of age are the most appropriate period to teach them to be self-conscious in eating, to avoid being carried around by mothers or mothers.

After 10 months, babies can eat soft and small foods, and they can also handle, pick, or scoop food easily.

Mothers should take advantage of this time, do not let children over 2 years old, at this time children are aware of the action. The frequent contact for feeding children lazy campaigning on their own.

Give baby lots of opportunities

Mom should always remember that every child is different. If your child learns to take care of himself slower than other children, don’t be frustrated or upset. Persevere in feeding your child a lot, a lot of times, and he or she will learn gradually until they become competent.

Don’t give up when you see your child release the spoon and pick up by hand. Take time and dedication to practice until your child learns to eat himself.

Let your baby try it

Many mothers think that their children are too small to eat on their own, but the truth is that a 1-year-old child if trained and taught persistently, can master feeding on his own. You should give a spoon to your child and hold his hand to teach him how to bring the spoon to his mouth.

Teach me to step by step

Most parents should teach their children how to handle spoons and shovels from the start. The first step is to teach your child how to feed by hand, followed by a spoon.

Offer your child favorite foods

Starting from a toddler, I have my favorite food. So pay attention to your child and feed him/her the foods he loves most.


Be patient and praise your baby’s effort to hold a spoon, every time the baby shakes the food into their mouth with a little drop. Maybe, in the beginning, the baby will be dirty, the face dirty, the food spilled. The parents must be patient, absolutely not scolding.

As such, parents only take extreme care to clean up for a few months to practice feeding, but it will be less strenuous later in the year because not only can they eat on their own but also have good eating and independent habits.

What to do to maintain your baby’s self-contact with a spoon?

Many early babies are very interested, but the then whiny and demanding mother to feed or even refuse to practice spoon-scoop. Therefore, parents should always try to feed the baby with the family to give them the atmosphere and joy of eating.

Besides, parents should always be an example for the baby, that is, try to use a spoon during the baby’s learning period to use a spoon to eat. Because with babies, being like parents is always fun and more exciting.

Besides, the praise and encouragement of parents and family members is always a very good weapon to help children have more motivation to try.

The secret to feeding your baby

Familiarize your baby with the dining chair and eating utensils

Before teaching children to use a spoon, the mother and baby can use a plastic spoon to play. Play pretend eating games with your baby as if you were scooping up food from a cup and putting it in your baby’s mouth. Then help your child imitate these actions.

Put your baby to eat with his family in his chair, put some food like vegetables, meat into his bowl, and let him contact. Although the act of contact of the baby is not yet mature, it also helps her to get acquainted with withholding the dishes and learning how to sit and eat like everyone else.

Buy separate sets of dishes

Give your baby a separate set of dishes. Choose a spoon with a short, curved handle that will help your baby get into the mouth more easily. Spoon bottom should be shallow, moderate width. With the cup, you should choose the type of rim, light, non-slippery to help your baby easier. You should also choose colorful and beautiful tableware that will interest your baby and should buy 2-3 sets instead to increase your baby’s excitement.

Create a fun, interesting environment

In training the self-feeding habits for babies, mothers need to create attractive environmental factors for children, create attractive dishes for children to enjoy, which can start with contacting things that are easy to eat with children.

Interested in the position to eat, choose spoon, cup, table, chair suitable for children, create a favorite in children and the atmosphere of family fun, openness when children sit to eat.

Model and guide the baby

Before children eat, parents and adults also use a spoon to scoop up their food to model for children, showing children the joy of self-food contact and how to scoop food.

At the same time, instruct the baby to know how to sit, hold the spoon into the mouth, chew carefully, slowly and concentrate when eating, she can tell the baby simple and vivid stories about the effects harm of not eating properly such as easy to decay, stomach pain … or if eating too slowly, there will be no time to play, listen to mom tell stories.

Decorate eye-catching food

The food for children does not need spicy, elaborate, or elaborate. As long as the mother takes eye-catching decorations, increasing the color and lively for the dishes, she will love it immediately.

Let the baby take the initiative

Learning to feed your baby on his own is a better habit than whether he eats a lot or not. Allow your child to choose the right foods from the prepared menu. This is a way for children to feel they are respected and also a way for parents to know what their children like to eat, what they do not like.

There are rules and discipline

Be strict with your baby if he scooped up food and threw food or spoon. This will create bad habits for the baby. Teach your baby the purpose of holding a spoon from the beginning, so that you do not have to follow your baby’s bad habits later. If your baby seems bored and naughty, you should stop your “learning” here and start again at the next meal.