How to Take Care of Newborn Baby Skin

How to Take Care of Newborn Baby Skin

Your baby’s skin is very soft and smooth, you always want to touch him! You can follow the instructions of baby skincare, prevent dry skin, and avoid the sun’s harmful effects.

What is more perfect than baby skin? And nothing is more enjoyable than caressing the baby’s skin. Of course, the baby would love to be like that.

Protecting sensitive skin for babies is an important job parent should pay attention. Here are the things you need to understand and practice for your baby.


Children’s skin is not only soft but also very strong and elastic. The skin is the largest organ in the body, bringing together a group of cells that link together to create a fragile but very firm shell. The skin has the ability to renew itself throughout life, and this process begins as soon as the baby is born.

So, baby skin is the most perfect skin. You should not be too worried about skin peeling, redness or rash after birth, especially around the wrists, knees, and feet. This is completely normal. Using an ointment gently lubricates the skin and helps to heal cracks or skin bleeding.

A few weeks after birth, your baby’s skin will feel more supple and softer

Moisturizing cream to care for baby’s skin

How to Take Care of Newborn Baby Skin

For your baby to have healthy skin, you need to maintain the softness and firmness of the skin naturally. Even if the skin is not peeling, applying moisturizer has many benefits to the skin.

Look for unscented moisturizing products made from mineral oil or paraffin, or consult your doctor.

You should only use a moisturizer brand, avoiding your baby’s skin to adjust to adapt to ingredients that vary from different brands.

Sunscreen for children

Children of all ages should avoid direct sunlight on the skin. Children will easily burn if the skin is exposed to direct sunlight for 10-15 minutes, even on cloudy days. Avoiding or minimizing exposure to sunlight is best, always protecting your baby’s skin with hats and clothes.

Baby’s clothes are the first protection

On a warm day, give your baby soft cotton clothes that cover his / her hands and feet.

Wear a wide-brimmed hat for babies when going out.

Try not to take your baby out between 10 am and 3 pm, as this time the sun has the strongest intensity, causing bad effects on the baby’s skin.

If you are out, keep your baby in the shade.

American Children’s Institute has just reissued regulations on sunscreen for children. There is no evidence that putting a small amount of sunscreen on children’s skin can be dangerous for your baby. To avoid the sun, don’t rely solely on sunscreen, but on clothing. And should apply the cream to skin that does not cover the face, hands, feet.

Ways to care for nails

How to Take Care of Newborn Baby Skin

His tiny nails are very thin but at the same time very sharp and grow unexpectedly fast. Remember to trim your baby’s nails twice a week.

This is important because babies can scratch their own face with their own nails.

  • Use a small soft file or nail clipper or child scissors to trim your baby’s nails (it will be easier to wait for him to fall asleep).
  • To avoid cutting on your fingers, when cutting, you should hold baby’s fingers tightly, press your fingers away from the nails.
  • Toenails often grow slower than fingernails and are very soft. You do not need to cut your nails as closely as your nails, just cutting once or twice a month is enough.
  • Sometimes your toenails will grow inside, but rarely make your baby uncomfortable.
  • Call your doctor if you see the skin around your baby’s toenails redness.

Care for penis skin

Circumcision: Caring for a newborn baby boy who is circumcised is not difficult if you are know-how. In the first week after cutting, baby birds may be slightly red and yellowish.

Baby care after circumcision

Keep the foreskin area clean with mild soap and water during each diaper change.

Apply paraffin to the glans, apply a slight bandage with gauze.

Your doctor will tell you how long it takes to dress. If you suspect an infection, tell your doctor right away.

If the baby is not circumcised, bathe the baby with mild soap and water like other diaper areas. Do not try to pull the scalp back, baby birds will gradually retract on their own by the age of three.

Wash clothes for babies

Washing powder: Maybe your baby’s skin will be sensitive to chemicals in new clothes, in soap, and detergent left after washing.

Should wash all new clothes and blankets for babies before use.

For the first few months, baby clothes should be washed separately from adult clothes.

Use a gentle detergent and rinse thoroughly.

Baby skin is very delicate and requires special care, these tips will help your baby’s skin be better protected.