How to Teach Your Child to Ride a Bike

How to Teach Your Child to Ride a Bike

Bicycle for children is a special gift of parents for their beloved children. Bicycle helps children develop physically and mentally. Moreover, letting your baby ride a bicycle is a way for them to be responsible from an early age and learn to be independent.

If your child is afraid of learning to drive because he or she is afraid of falling or injured, you should not be scolded, because at this time the child is in the stage of brain development very easily affected by the negative problems leading to depression.

If children do not play, they will never learn good things. Never make a cycling training into a will of war. Please accompany your children and help them overcome psychological barriers. Give your child compliments when he or she makes a small effort.

Today, Giant International will show you 6 steps so you can help your child to be confident on the bike:

Prepare a child bicycle at the correct height

The best age for children to ride bikes from 3 to 6 years old. During this period your child will learn to ride a bicycle very quickly. Take your child to a children’s bicycle shop and choose to buy a car with fresh colors that match their personality. This will make the baby feel excited right from the beginning with a new friend. Do not buy a baby bicycle that is larger than your baby’s height and think he or she will be able to ride later without replacing a new bike.

If your child is 3-6 years old, it is best to buy a children’s bicycle with an extra two-wheel design behind. for easy control and balance on your baby’s car.

If your baby is older than 6 years old, let your child ride on two wheels (without two extra wheels). At this age, the baby is strong enough to handle when the car falls. Buying a car with two extra wheels is like training a baby to rely on and rely on it. Riding a bicycle with two wheels right from the first day, helping your child to be more careful and focused while practicing driving.

You can ask the technician to lower the saddle a little to help your baby easily support their legs. When your baby is used to pedaling, raise the saddle to the height of the baby.

Encourage the baby

An important point when teaching your child to ride a bicycle is to create positive thinking, by telling them what joys are from cycling. You also should not mention falling or being hurt, just gentle encouragement before your baby gets on the bike. Always create a sense of joy and relaxation and instruct your baby to take a deep breath for mental comfort

Always be with her while she is practicing running, giving her a sense of security. If your baby falls, take hold of the hand as quickly as possible, then slowly let go of the baby away to practice running on his own feet.

Safe to practice driving a children’s bicycle

Teach your child how to ride a bicycle properly and safely, and how to hold the handlebars. Make sure you always wear a helmet and gloves, knee protectors for the baby. This is a way to reduce the risk of falling.

Take your baby to the lawns or parks that few people pass by to help him practice. Children who sit on bicycles often tremble and are afraid of falling. You should avoid places where there are lots of gravel or rocks that easily cause injury to the baby.

Learn the parts on bicycles and the bike position

Let children learn, identify parts of bicycles. This helps the baby become more familiar and comfortable with the baby bike. When you instruct your baby to ride and control the parts on the vehicle, it is easier.

Posture is also important. Teach your child to sit up straight and focus on the bicycle. Right hand slightly bent, knees slightly towards the car but do not touch the car, how the eyes when used brakes … Do not let your baby face down to the ground while cycling.

It is always easier to pedal straight than the curve.

Everything goes from easy to difficult. Especially for children who have just started to drive. Let your baby run in a straight line. After stepping firmly, teach your child how to turn and pedal in a circle.

Teach traffic rules for children

Teach your children how to obey the traffic rules: Always keep on the right side of the road, the yellow lights slow down, the red lights stop … Even if your child has not been driving out yet, they should be taught as soon as possible. This is helpful for children to exercise and also helps them form discipline. Never give up teaching traffic rules to children.

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Steps to teach children to ride a bicycle

Familiarize yourself with 3-wheel bikes when young children 

Parents can buy a 3-wheel bicycle for children when they are about 3 years old. Help your child become familiar with movement on a vehicle and increase the mobility and flexibility of the baby. Start by walking around the house, then around the garden, and then the park. Thus, your baby will get used to the bike and the environment outside.

Remove the rear wheels

This often causes parents to be worried because they are not able to keep their balance and fall. Try removing and keeping your baby’s walker only within the hallway of the house after the parents have removed the obstructions. Of course, your baby won’t get bored or tired, but stay with him and encourage him to try. Everything is always difficult when it starts.

Adjust the seat

Adjust the saddle to suit your baby’s position, first of all, the lower the seat the better. Despite the removal of the rear wheels, babies will not be too scared if they can still support their feet on the ground and may not fall if losing balance on the vehicle.

Keep your child on the road for a long walk

After your child gets used to using the pedals, parents adjust the saddle to the normal height and start to practice walking on long roads. To help your child increase balance, parents keep the rear of the car or stand beside the steering wheel control for the baby according to the rotation of the baby pedal.

Let me cycle by myself

Giving your child a new bicycle when he/she has firmly controlled the steering wheel, but parents must continue to observe and watch the baby when he or she controls his bike. Take note of your baby’s progress and often encourage him or her whenever he is afraid of trauma. Tell your child that trauma is inevitable and at the same age as children, parents also stumble a lot, but it is important to have the courage to stand up and not feel frustrated or lose the will.

Do not forget to remind the children “In any case, perseverance will always be rewarded.

Pay attention to the brakes and insurance items

Brake system

Many parents do not pay attention to the brakes while children always want to speed upcycling. Braking is a way to help children slow down and parents should be careful when teaching them this. First, your baby needs to step on the pedal several times before stopping. If the brakes are too urgent, the baby will lose control and fall.

Parents do not forget to teach your child to use the brakes on the steering wheel, it is best to instruct him to only use the rear brake, because when the baby brakes sharply with the front brake, especially on steep roads, the vehicle may be upside down. This is very dangerous because the baby will be seriously injured in the face.

Insurance items

Do not forget to buy the full range of baby insurance equipment, from helmets to armbands, knee pads. Certainly, your baby will love these adorable items, and they will help protect him from serious injuries.