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When Should I Stop Wearing Heels During Pregnancy?

During the time of pregnancy it is not advisable to wear heels and many doctors suggest it may cause some risks to you and your baby. There are several effects that can be caused by wearing heels at the time … Continue reading

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Making Friends Isn’t Always Easy When You’re a Mom

My husband and I are in that unique phase of parenting; we have emerged from the haze of newborn parenting and are preparing to have our oldest enter kindergarten this fall. This leads to a whole new world that we … Continue reading

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I’m Up for My Annual “Mommievaluation”

It’s the time of year for annual performance reviews at my place of work.  A chaotic time, in which we assess and assemble our successes and accomplishments over the last year, and craft the best set of words around each … Continue reading

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I’m a Mean Mom…and Proud of it, Part 2

So if you haven’t read the first part of this blog post and want to know why I’m a Mean Mom, please read here. I wrote briefly about investing in your children, the realities of being a new mom, and fact … Continue reading

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