What Not to Drink During Pregnancy?

What Not to Drink During Pregnancy?

Actually, every women need to be conscious on many things during their pregnancy time. So, it will be quite tough to keep track on what to consumer every day, even knowing what to drink or more essentially what not to drink over the period of pregnancy. When it comes to drinking the best tea for pregnancy or any fruit juice to a glass of milk, you may have a vast range of serious thoughts. When it comes to considering the pregnancy diet, it is common for the pregnant women to be more careful in following the foods and drinks.

Fresh juices

If you would like to drink the fruit juices, you just opt for the pasteurized option in the market rather than the fresh juices at a food court. These fresh juices might consist of dangerous bacteria. Instead of, you have a piece of fresh fruit daily.


During pregnancy, it is good to avoid caffeine; because it is a stimulant that can improve your heart rate. This in turn might enhance the stress to baby and also significantly improve your risk of miscarriage. If you would actually want your routine caffeine constant during pregnancy, you just need to limit yourself to 200 mg of caffeine per day, which is equivalent to dual cups of normal tea or coffee. Nowadays, the cold beverages and drinks consist of chocolate that include a tiny portion of caffeine, so you should drink in these control. Otherwise, you might have up to dual cups of decaffeinated coffee or tea per day.


Having alcohol drinks during pregnancy might also affect the growth of fetus and also lead to lesser the mental issues and physical growth, where this condition is known as fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). Drinking alcohol during pregnancy might also lead to stillbirth, miscarriage and also premature birth.

Avoid too many sugary beverages

In fact, not all kinds of drinks are made equal. Even some of the sports drink consists of carbohydrates in the form of sugar, minerals, some proteins and also electrolytes. Actually, sugar can be consumed during pregnancy in control, if you do not have type I, type II or any gestational diabetes. But in good health, it is okay to consume sugar during pregnancy, but you might still need to study observing how much you are drinking the sugary beverages. But, you can make sure that you are not depending on sports drinks or any drinks with larger amounts of sugar.

Is drinking tea safe during pregnancy?

Any tea like black tea, green tea or any other varieties is a healthy drink. But now, most of the pregnancy women are asking that whether or not it is safe to drink tea during pregnancy. The most crucial factor to concern is the caffeine content of tea and also there is evidence that the high doses of caffeine can cause any health problems. Drinking tea in heavier amounts during the time of pregnancy or the conception can result in the body that is not being able to utilize the folates in a perfect way.

During the pregnancy time, it is goof to consume in moderate amounts. Also, taking green tea during pregnancy is not a bad thing, if you do not overdo it. One of the major drawbacks of drinking green tea during pregnancy is due to the caffeine content. Even many doctors always advise their pregnant patients to control their intake of caffeine.

What Not to Drink During Pregnancy?

Best healthy tea for pregnant woman

Usually, women can drink tea throughout their pregnancies. If you look for the best tea for pregnancy, the raspberry leaf tea is a right choice for you. Naturally, this raspberry leaf tea is made from the leaves of raspberry plant. This leaf brewed as a tea, which is a safe tonic herb for the pregnant. This tea is also great in very high in assortment of nutrients that are more essential during the pregnancy. One of these essential nutrients is known as fragrine. It has been shown to improve the strength and also relax the muscles of uterus. In addition to, it highly supports with delivery and eases the labour process. Therefore, this tea has withstood the test of time and it has been widely used by pregnancy woman historically.