Why Should Use Separate Laundry Detergent for Baby

Why Should Use Separate Laundry Detergent for Baby

Washing your baby’s clothes with other family members, or just using regular laundry detergent is a bad habit, even dangerous for babies with sensitive skin. So why use separate detergents for babies? Let me find out through the following article offline.

What is Infant Detergent?

Infant laundry detergent is a cleaning solution used to clean clothes in particular and utensils of infants in general. Specially designed products for babies. The main ingredient is a mild detergent with natural extracts. They have no brighteners, no dyes, ensuring safety for young children.

Why Do Your Children Need Their Washing Liquid?

The skin of infants and young children is very delicate and sensitive, only about 1/5 the thickness of adult skin. The skin is easily dry and itchy, itchy, requiring special care and protection. The outermost layer of the epidermis (the stratum corneum) is thinner and the cells are arranged less tightly than adult skin.

Children’s skin is less resistant and is especially sensitive to chemical, physical, and bacterial effects. These substances when in contact with the skin of children will penetrate more easily, penetrating the deeper skin layers.

Just a small impact from the outside will make the skin irritated. Therefore, it is necessary to use washing powder / liquid detergent for babies with ingredients that are less irritating, gentle to the skin when washing newborn clothes.

Moreover, infants in the age of infancy will learn and feel things around them by mouth. They often put their hands, feet, or other things near them like clothes, towels, blankets, etc. into their mouths. Therefore, it is essential to wash things around children with safe laundry detergent or washing powder.

In detergent or common laundry detergent contains many ingredients to help whiten and clean the stains on clothes, along with additives and other flavorings. When choosing baby detergents/detergents, choose products with a low content of surfactants that can cause strong irritation to the skin of the baby, and do not contain fluorescent whitening agents, colorants, and odors.

What is whitening fluorescent substance?

The fluorescent substance used in many types of washing powders/detergents works to make clothes look whiter. This substance can become a cause of dry skin and allergies on the skin of children.

Fluorescent properties are very difficult to wash away, so most children do not use this detergent.

What are surfactants?

Most detergents and detergents contain surfactants, which dissolve the water and oil which are inherently insoluble, effectively removing dirt. Besides, because the surfactant has protein-soluble properties, even the protein on the skin will be affected.

However, this substance can be washed off completely if rinsed with water. In detergents/washing powder for children still contains this substance but with very little content. Therefore, when washing certain children must rinse thoroughly with water to surfactant away, it does not harm the child’s skin.

Do Parents Need to Choose Baby Washing Liquid According to Criteria?

When choosing a baby laundry detergent, parents need to keep in mind the following criteria to find a suitable product:

Baby washing liquid needs to be able to remove fat, sebum well to remove the water-soluble substances found in breast milk and infant formula. Easily removes organic material adhering to the fabric to minimize mold and bacterial growth.

Has a water-soluble, low pH component to prevent damaging the sensitive skin of children

Avoid using fabric softeners. Fabric softener is a substance that is difficult to dissolve in water. Easy to make the skin of children with allergies, rashes.

Avoid reflective additives, substances that help create a sense of always white clothes.

The scent of baby laundry detergent, you should choose the appropriate natural essential oil smell to avoid causing gas, headache or skin allergies in children

Good ability to kill bacteria, fungi clinging on children’s clothing.


Regular washing powders contain a lot of detergents that can irritate and irritate your baby’s skin. Mothers should consider carefully when using types of laundry detergent for baby clothes and utensils. When the baby’s clothes and utensils have been washed, mom will bring them to the sun. This is to remove all bacteria remaining on the clothes. In particular, mothers should monitor the baby’s reaction when using a washing liquid to see if he is allergic. Hopefully, through this article, moms will make the smartest choices for their babies